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| February 19, 2020

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Chirag Thakkar

Netflix cheating is when the person with whom you watch movies and series goes ahead and watches it all by themselves, without you. Needless to say, this has the potential to ruin the closest of friendships, so in this article we will guide you on how to tell if your spouse is Netflix cheating on you.

Do you know what Netflix cheating is? Yes, it is as bad as it sounds. It is when your spouse or significant other or best friend ‘cheats on you’ by watching a Netflix show without you. This especially hurts if it is a show the both of you decided to watch together. More than 70% of Netflix streamers have admitted to this serious transgression, so we thought it’s only fair we give you a short guide on what your spouse might say that should make you suspicious.

  1. ‘I am not too keen on that show.’
    If your significant other is not showing interest in a show that has everyone’s tongues wagging, it might just be that they’re secretly binge watching it without you and they don’t want their dirty secret to come out. Now, this might of course mean that they’re truly not interested, so try it a couple of times and if you get the same answer again and again, then you might need to watch your back.
  1. They’re too eager to watch a show with you.
    You should be suspicious if they go too far the other way around as well. In order to cover up their tracks, they might be more eager than usual to watch a show with you when you propose something. Watch out carefully how they react when you’re browsing for ideas on what to watch, and too much eagerness is as much of a red light as lack of interest.
  1. They are ‘too affected’ by twists
    Now all of us like a nice twist here and there in our shows, but a classic case of someone who has seen a show and is trying to hide it is over-reaction to a twist. Watch out for hands clapping mouths and gasps of breath over and above what you would expect from an honest reaction. Similarly, if they’re not at all affected by the biggest twists that the show throws at you, that’s another big sign right there sitting in front of you.
  1. They make uncanny predictions that come true
    Some of us are good at making predictions of how a series of movie might go, but if your friend is correctly predicting not only the story but also the colour of costumes on the protagonist in the next scene, then it is time to hit pause and have an honest heart to heart conversation. In addition, if your friend is predicting the end of a movie and is explaining to you the logic behind his call, it is most likely true that he has seen the movie before. True predictors don’t explain their modus operandi.

If you suspect that you’re being cheated on in this fashion, have a calm, honest conversation with your partner about what the boundaries are in your relationship, and how betrayal of trust can bring about the destruction of the deepest of bonds. If your partner doesn’t see it your way, there is always another watching buddy right around the corner.

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