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| August 14, 2018

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South Australia Changes Skilled Migration Pathways

South Australia Changes Skilled Migration Pathways

| On 24, May 2018

Migration has been an extremely volatile space for the past five years, and the rules continue to change – Some for better, some for worse. While the process has been complicated in the past, and remains quite strict, as of 1 July 2018, migrants will be able to apply for Chain Migration on the Skilled Regional Provisional 489 visa which allows families to reunite.

While chain migration through the Skilled Migrant program has been around for a long time, the South Australian immigration office has done some housekeeping to ensure that the visas benefit everyone. The most significant change to the process is the location where the migrants will be settled. The immigration office will no longer accept family members being spread around the country. For example, it was once at least recognised that family members could be as far apart as Queensland and South Australia. Now, SA applicants must stay in the state with the relatives they have nominated on their application forms.

Furthermore, the existing Australian-resident relative must have been living in the country for at least 24 months before a Chain Migration application. The sponsoring relatives can be either 489 visa holders or Australian citizens.

According to a statement on the immigration office’s website, there is one bit of advice for potential applicants to follow.

“It remains important that chain migration applicants carefully consider their likelihood of achieving skilled employment, as they are being nominated primarily based on their family links.”

However, for migrants without 489 visa holding or Australian citizen relatives, post-graduation employment remains a possible pathway to staying Down Under.

Since 2016, Skilled Migration Pathways have been a challenge because of increased restrictions and requirements, however, DFAT has formally announced that these requirements have been reversed.

From May 2018, it is possible to stay in South Australia based on some conditions. For example, skilled graduates must have proof that they have been working for at least three months within their chosen field to be able to encourage the SA government that they are worthy of and will continue with employment. Improvements continue to happen as Eligible migrants await better processes and more opportunities to get their permanent migration goals achieved.

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