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| September 22, 2019

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Renowned holistic health specialist Dr Issac Mathai urges Australians to consider holistic treatments

Renowned holistic health specialist Dr Issac Mathai urges Australians to consider holistic treatments

| On 05, Dec 2018

Renowned holistic health and wellness consultant and Chairman and Managing and Medical Director of SOUKYA Dr Issac Mathai has called on Australian health, wellness and wellbeing experts to consider holistic treatments and methods during his recent trip to Australia. Addressing two high-profile boardroom luncheons in Sydney and Melbourne recently, Dr Mathai highlighted holistic solutions’ role in restoring the natural balance of mind, body and spirit.

Dr Mathai said: “In recent years, there has been growth in western research into complementary and alternative health products and services. For example, it is heartening to note that UTS has recently added a research centre on complementary and integrative medicine.”

“As more and more academics, health professionals and influencers become attuned to the ancient wisdom of holistic medicine, I see immense potential that can only benefit the industry and, more importantly, patients in Australia and around the world.”

“As a truly multicultural melting pot, Australians have the potential to lead the world through embracing complementary and alternative health products and services. For many cultures their traditional medicines are their primary health care providers. We often find that people from other cultural backgrounds are comfortable using these treatments and prefer them to the purely western medical approach.”

Among the high-profile attendees of the boardroom luncheons were:

  • Consul General of India – Sydney Mr B Vanlalvawna, who shared the importance of holistic health and India’s contribution to Ayurveda and holistic health solutions;
  • Sheba Nandkeolyar, CEO of MultiConnexions and Immediate Past National Chair of the Australia India Business Council, who shared the opportunity for Australians to embrace holistic health solutions and urged Australians to go out and discover these solutions by visiting India as well as Dr Mathai’s SOUKYA health centre; and
  • Mr Joseph Assaf AO, Chairman of Ethnic Business Awards, who shared his personal experience of visiting India as well as his experience SOUKYA and the health benefits he derived of it.

Dr Mathai is a holistic health consultant to the British royal family, with the family frequenting the private health resort. Located in Bangalore, India and awarded ‘Best Wellness Centre 2010’ by the Government of India, SOUKYA’s one-of-a-kind residential facility combines modern medical advancements, ancient medical techniques and complementary therapies used worldwide to help in patents’ healing and rejuvenation process. SOUKYA offers traditional Indian cures for conditions from hay fever to diabetes. Procedures include massage, yoga, mud baths, and ayurvedic detox among others.

For further information on SOUKYA and Dr Issac Mathai, please visit

To schedule an interview with Dr Mathai, please contact [email protected]

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