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| April 19, 2019

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Life Style

The Super Women Club

September 6, 2013 |

Today, almost four decades into the ‘men-and-women-are-equal’ pity-talk, we meet some superwomen who have found the perfect balance between managing their homes and achieving their career goals.

In a typical three-bedroom house, the mother of a teenage son is seated … Read More

Psychological Analysis of a Rapist’s Mind

September 5, 2013 |

The entire globe got shocked by the horrific rape incident that happened in Delhi two months back. A lot of public anger and reforms took centre stage. As we finally see the five accused going to trial on 5th February, … Read More

Divorce Expos: Helping people negotiate the rough terrains of a divorce

September 5, 2013 |

Not all marriages are fulfilling and end with evocative pictures of matrimonial bliss and contentment. At times, people resign themselves to the failure of their relationships and let the marriage continue. This is done either in order to protect children … Read More

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