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| August 21, 2019

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6 Leading tech trends in the fashion industry

6 Leading tech trends in the fashion industry
Neena Merchant

In the fashion industry, it is all about moving forward and staying updated. For fashion merchandisers and retailers, it is a necessity to remain in touch with the styles that are trending. Hence, if you are looking for ways in which your business could be updated by technology, consider these six prominent tech trends in the fashion industry.
1. Smartphone commerce
Consumers these days are glued to their smart-phones, so fashion retailers should be rushing to develop a mobile experience that meets the demands of the smart-shoppers. Make sure to arm this shopping experience with virtual showrooms, real-time customer service, social media integration, and personalised data-driven advertising.

2. Wearable technology
We are talking about apparels people actually want to wear, such as the Misfit Shine. This technology has a superpower of forming an amalgam of function with fashion, as an activity tracker which doubles and transmits data to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

3. 3D printing
You have probably seen the 3D-printed haute couture which looks coming down the runway, designed by fashion designers like Iris Van Herpen. Now, this technology is going to open new doors fordesigners looking for innovation in both materials and processes for designing.

4. Fashion shows as tech events
These days fashion shows are more of a technological extravaganza. Be it models coming down the runway drenched in pools of water, the holographic projections, or viewing the action in 360-degree panorama, everything is about the technology.

5. Designing for online
The 3D printing and software tools have blessed the tech-savvy fashion designers with the room to run wild with creativity.

6. Tech in the physical space
By including technical elements and capabilities into the physical location, fashion merchandisers can now produce a more alluring experience for modern shoppers.

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